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Ralph Pucci takes center stage

Prof. Eric Feigenbaum
Chair of visual merchandising LIM College

Ralph Pucci never brandished a paint brush or crafted a plank of weathered teak. He does however wield a deft baton, prompting fashion illustrators to design mannequins and sculptors to reconsider scale.
A lover of music, pucci performs his job as a master conductor; an impresario bringing together multiple forms of artistic expression. he built a successful career by daring to be different. Pucci doesn't follow trends, he sets them.
This past may, his new york showroom bristled with excitement as some 800 aesthetes gathered to celebrate the publication of ''Show'. Published by glitterati incorporated, with photographic images by Antoine Bootz, the book represents fifteen years of innovation and extraordinary work from ralph pucci international. Shortly after joining the mannequin repair company started by his parents in 1954, pucci realized the long term success of the organization hinged upon reaching out to other industries. Collaborating with the renowned Andree Putman was the catalyst that propelled pucci into the world of fine art and home d├ęcor. Soon after, he began alliances with designers such as Vladimir Kagan, Herve Van Der Straeten, Jens Risom and Chris Llehrecke. "Show" is a testament to Pucci's aesthetic sensibilities. He has a gift for creating artistic harmony from a varied palette, ranging from the surreal photographs of Josef Astor to the pristine minimalism of furniture designer Robert Bristow. 'Show' illustrates Pucci's brilliant melding of the mannequin industry to fine furniture and art. Believing in simplicity of form and subtlety of movement, his work celebrates the inherent parallels in all forms of art.

'A triumph'

Wendy Goodmans

'A remarkable enterprise'

Stanley Abercrombie
Review in July Interior Design